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Shipping and Sales Tax
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Payment Methods] [Terms and Conditions]


Final order amount including shipping and applicable taxes will be communicated following receipt of your order.

Applicable taxes will be communicated following receipt of your order.

Payment Methods
Shipping and Sales Tax] [Payment Methods] [Terms and Conditions]
Payment methods accepted:
Credit Card

Credit Cards Accepted:
Master Card
American Express

Terms and Conditions
Shipping and Sales Tax] [Payment Methods] [Terms and Conditions]
Brixon Manufacturing Terms and Conditions 1. BRIXON MANUFACTURING COMPANY, thereinafter Seller, thanks you for your order. Your order is accepted, but our acceptance is expressly conditioned upon acceptance by you of the following terms and conditions: 2. TERMS OF DELIVERY: The goods shall be shipped FOB our plant to the address on your purchase order. 3. LIMITED WARRANTY: Seller warrants that the goods are as described in this agreement within reasonable tolerances due to the individual variations. In addition, the goods sold under this agreement are warranted free from defects in workmanship and materials for one year. During this time, Seller will replace or repair (at its option) defective latches. This warranty does not extend to defects or damage resulting from abuse or misuse by buyer. Further information about the product is contained in the Product Information Package. * NO OTHER EXPRESS WARRANTY IS MADE WITH RESPECT TO THE GOODS, AND THE SELLER SPECIFICALLY DISCLAIMS IMPLIED WARRANTIES OR MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE. 4. MODIFICATION OF GOODS: Seller does not recommend or authorize modification of its goods. Any modification made without the express written approval of Seller shall void all warranties. 5. RETURN OF GOODS: Goods may be returned to Seller upon prior written authorization within 30 days of receipt by Buyer, provided goods are returned in an undamaged saleable condition. Any returned goods shall be shipped freight prepaid and are subject to a restocking charge. Additional fees may be charged when item is returned used/damaged. Fee will be determined at Sellers discretion. 6. PAYMENT OF PURCHASE PRICE: Buyer shall pay for the goods in accordance with the terms of Sellers invoice. Seller reserves the right to correct any obvious errors in specifications or prices. All sales are subject to applicable taxes. 7. FINANCE CHARGES: A CHARGE OF 1.5% PER MONTH WILL BE ADDED TO ALL PAST DUE ACCOUNTS; NO SHIPMENTS WILL BE MADE TO CUSTOMERS HAVING PAST DUE BALANCES UNTIL PAYMENT IS RECEIVED. 8. CONDITIONS OF BUYERS ORDER: Seller is not bound by any terms on Buyer’s order forms or purchase orders which attempt to impose conditions at variance with Seller’s terms and conditions of sale which are included herein or stated on Seller’s packages, invoices, brochures, and technical data sheets.
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